Vote for Cruz, not bad Bad Bet-o

Assessing this year’s special Senate race here in Texas, I would like to comment on Ted Cruz’s Democratic challenger, Albert (“Beto”) O’Rourke.

Basically, I say that O’Rourke is a complete liberal with a bad agenda for Texas and the United States. It’s good he’s way behind in the polls, and it should stay that way.

These are the main reasons I would dissuade anyone from voting for O’Rourke:

  • he stands for immoral social issues, such as gay marriage and abortion
  • he would weaken gun rights
  • he is against building the wall, which would allow tons of illegal immigrants into the country as well as possible drug traffickers and terrorists
  • he is for higher taxes

I will give O’Rourke a point in the way that he stood up for his opponent, Ted Cruz when Cruz was heckled at a restaurant. That is much appreciated in the face of how other Democrats are instigating violence against their opponents.

However, I find two of his text campaign targeting right wing people appalling as well as the way he tried to play the race card by implying that he is partially Hispanic by the abbreviation of his name (Albert -> Beto), when he has such an obvious Irish last name. Plus, he took a shellacking in the debate with Cruz, a real “O’Rourkey shoot”.

Make America Great Again!

Vote Cruz!