There aren’t any Nazis any more

You’ve heard it tons of times. More than you can even count. Liberals have attacked Donald Trump, conservatives and Republicans and called them fascists, racists and Nazis. Coming from Eastern Europe I have a concept of who Adolph Hitler and the Nazis were which liberal people don’t know about.

First of all, we have to finally lay to rest the outlandish idea Adolph Hitler and the Nazis were Christian. They were not Christian in any sense of the word. Early on the Nazis courted the Roman Catholic vote to gain power, I mean, they were politicians trying to curry peoples’ votes. However, later on, the Nazis turned on the Christian church and sent pastors to prison because they wouldn’t support the Nazi party. Pastors such as Bonhoeffer and Niemoller are such examples of Protestant pastors who were imprisoned because they opposed Hitler and the Nazis. Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary even got Christian pastors into hot water simply by mentioning to Hitler that they had spoken out against him.

If anyone says that Hitler was a Christian, it means that that person has never read Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”, or “My struggle” in English. Even though Hitler may refer to God, or even to man being created in God’s image, Hitler refers to Fate (capital F) at least a dozen more times. “As fate would have it” was a common phrase that he used. One has to realize that Hitler, like all of us was inconsistent in his thought and writing at times.

Hitler actually preferred the religion of the Japanese and the Muslims over against Christianity, which he thought to be a weak, purile, useless, religion, and scorned Jesus Christ because he thought Jesus was being weak when He suffered and died on the cross. We can see how he in a sense emulated Mohammed, who conquered the countries of the Middle East by conquering the different countries of Europe. In a sense, Hitler was Europe’s Mohammed in the middle of the twentieth century.

This being said, are there really any Nazis around anymore? Are they present in large enough numbers so as to be seriously reckoned with? Can somebody at all state with a straight face that Nazis are infesting our society all around us?

The Socialist party of Hungary a few years ago declared as one of their campaign pledges that they were going to de-Nazify the upper echelons of Hungarian politics. A complete joke if you consider that Hungary had been a Communist country for 40 years and all traces of Nazism had subsequently been erased.

At the Nuremberg trials in 1946 20 of the top Nazis in Germany were put on trial, including such men as Hermann Goering, the second man of the Reich, Albert Speer, in charge of architecture and armaments, and the top generals, such as Alfred Jodl. Only three were acquitted, based on insufficient evidence, and nine were hanged (Goering committed suicide before his execution). However, we must also add that other top Nazis were hunted down, captured, and brought before trial, such as Adolph Eichmann in Israel during the 1960’s. Furthermore, the two Germanies, East and West held their own de-Nazification trials after the second world war, and executed lower ranking Nazis. Some Nazis who were acquitted during Nuremberg were re-tried and executed because the Germans had more information than the Allies who organized and held the trials. Today Germany is a very liberal country, and has very responsibly done away with whatever Nazism it had in its past, and has reimbursed the Jewish people for the Holocaust.

Yet, maniacally the idea that Nazis are everywhere perpetrates liberals’ monologs against the right. Today there are neo-Nazis in several European countries, and also in the United States as well. There are also neo-Nazis in Hungary, too, but their numbers are extremely low. There was an incidence when Hungary was celebrating March 15 (like July 4 in the US) at Kossuth square, the main square in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, in the 1990’s. I witnessed two columns of young men march past silently. It was obvious from their clothing that they were neo-Nazis. It was obvious from the expression on their face to me that they didn’t know what they were doing and why they were there. They looked lost. The whole incident took a minute as they marched past. Then everybody resumed what they were doing.

Bottom line is that neo-Nazis are nobodies. There are only a couple hundred of them in Hungary. People make fun of them, and call them skinheads. They even have a saying for them in Hungarian: “Tobb haj, mint esz” – more hair than brains. Neo-Nazis have been banished forever to the status of being something like a UFO-cult. There virtually aren’t any Nazis any more around us, so with that the hyper-active left can simply calm down and we can all move on and make America great again.

Thank you.