Make America Great Again! Trump 2020

During the 2016 primaries I was a Cruz supporter. I was a bit suspicious of Trump, maybe because he had supported Clinton before (although I realize Trump broadly supported a lot of people). I supported Cruz because of his supposed evangelical beliefs.

I was pleasantly surprised after Trump won the election. To me, he may have a rough exterior, but on the inside I think he truly wants to help make America great again. I am a discerning voter, and I do not go with everything he says and does, but importantly, Trump is a man who you can work with and make deals with.

These are the reasons I think Trump makes for a good president:

  • Trump annulled the mandatory health care insurance imposed by ObamaCare
  • Trump is standing up to our foreign enemies, as in the Middle East
  • Trump has taken steps to build the wall on the southern border (although another solution would be local militias)
  • Trump supports the church and our military
  • The Johnson amendment was greatly eased, but it could have been abolished altogether
  • Trump believes disabled children (Down’s syndrome babies) should have a right to life (even from conception, too)
  • Trump supports monolingualism (should be made de jure)
  • Trump supports gun rights and the Second Ammendment
  • Trump wants to lower our taxes
  • Trump has also done a lot to increase the number of jobs in this country
  • Trump took steps to force North Korea to become less aggressive using peaceful measures

What I also found positive is that Trump doesn’t accept a salary for working as president. Things are looking up after a disastrous eight years of Obamunism. Thanks to our president, and let’s all keep working hard to make America great again!