Debating an atheist on the street

Hello dear blog readers,

Just yesterday I happened to arrive a half hour early for a Bible study in town. Wanting to get some exercise I went walking down the neighborhood. The streets were long enough, so it happened to fill out my half hour. Right before I started I noticed a man about fifty leaving his house with his two ten-year old kids on bikes.

On my way back to the Bible study I was stopped by the man who I asked if I was the man with the car with all these -provocative- bumper stickers on them. Notably: “Gay genes don’t get passed on – homosexuality is a sin”, and: “Hosni MuBarack Saddam Hussein Obama bin Laden”.

I use these bumper stickers to get attention and make people think. Especially liberals, to challenge their reigning worldview.

Well, the man turned out to be a liberal atheist, so when I answered in the affirmative, he immediately opened fire on me. He demanded how I could put put such “hateful” words on my bumper sticker. I replied simply that that was what the Bible said, and that God created mankind male and female, and that homosexuality was an aberration of God’s original design. Gay couples break up at a larger rate than straight people, BTW. The atheist could not fathom that I would bring up such a thing as sin, yet people break the Commandments daily. It just didn’t occur to him that the two female Muslim members of the House of Representatives hurl insults at Christians, not even stopping at mocking vice president Mike Pence for his evangelical faith. Some atheists can be real fowl-mouthed and this atheist cussed my religion out at least three times during our fifteen minute verbal duel. In front of his own kids…

Things turned to matters concerning the truthfulness of the Bible. Using the knowledge that I had learned in apologetics class I made a point to the atheist that as skeptic, he knows nothing. If a skeptic is truly consistent, he will take his skepticism to the very logical end and doubt everything. Thus, the atheist knows virtually nothing. As Rene Descartes said, “I think therefore I am”. What Descartes meant by this is that an observer can doubt everything that he sees, hears or touches. The only one thing he cannot doubt is that his mind is somehow turned on and working. The only thing he knows is that he exists. Pathetic, as some atheists would say… The atheist is like a man who has locked himself out of the house of knowledge and thrown the key away. How so? Because this house is the house of God, and all knowledge starts with the fear of God. Only God can know everything. Only God can be objective. Only God knows and sees things as they really are. That is why we as humans can benefit from the truth that God imparts to us in His Word, the Bible. Atheists suffer in darkness, Christ followers have the light.

Things turned to the matter of abortion. The atheist brought up the worn out argument that it’s the woman’s choice. Not so, because you as a human were always you from conception. As such nobody has any right to interfere with the baby’s life from that point forward. Imagine, the womb is the most dangerous place to be in this world. More babies are aborted than soldiers on the battlefield. Without abortion, there would be half a billion Americans. In order to have a stable, future society, we need reproducing families. We cannot achieve this with homosexual couples, or with people who abort other Americans. Abortion is anti-American.

The atheist brought up the idea that “religion” is all about control, and that without religion we’d all be free. I reminded the atheist about his own religious beliefs, namely that he believes that nature is everything (which he accepts by faith because he can’t prove it). To me this smacked of the Communists endeavors some fifty-sixty years ago to liquidate religion in the former (and not-so-former such as North Korea) Communist countries. I told him that if we were to do away with all religion, we’d have to exterminate every single person on the planet, atheists included. Good show. How’s that for a self-goal.

And all I did was say that homosexuality was a sin…

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