Response to Robert Baty

Hello Hartzog Baty,

I just discovered this page that you posted on your blog:

It is spreading inaccuracies and falsehoods about this issue. You know, I wonder if you would be willing to post my response to your blog post to be fair and honest. I was rather surprised that you posted this about me without bothering to notify me so as to comment on it, which is to say the least unethical. Are you afraid that I would respond by you not notifying me?

“One year ago” at that time would have been 2013, but according to what you say above, your troubles with your supervisor began as soon as you arrived in 2011, he was *not* satisfied with your work, and you had *already decided* to look for a “position elsewhere”.

So which is it, Matthew?


My boss told me several times that he was satisfied with the way I work (he said that the ribosomal paper we were working on was his best paper, he was over 60 when he said that, close to retirement). He obviously had problems obviously with my religion, being an atheist. I listed several things, such as suggesting I watch pornography with my girlfriend which you didn’t even care to condemn. Which says something about your morality. I chose to find another job because it was hard to tolerate somebody who was so anti-christian, cussed so much and told so many sex jokes, it was almost impossible to tolerate. Plus, your language also leaves much to be desired. You come across as uncouth, rude and offensive and this will rather deflate your position.

So while your professor may not have any say-so over your religious views, he would be well within his rights to get rid of you for what, by all appearances, is a pathetically substandard comprehension of science. (Do you *really* think the moss can be used to prove the rock’s age?)

We were never debating moss or the age of rocks, that is patently absurd. Furthermore, university administrators told me that we have academic freedom to teach or research anything we want. Despite this, our paper was rejected purely because of religious reasons, which says something about the honesty and scientific integrity of the journal that rejected it. It also says something about my professor who forced me to resign because of my religious convictions. This would have never ever happened to someone because they were a woman or because they were African American. Not because of anyone’s scientific views. Creationism is perfectly valid science; science did not begin with Darwin, and there are other scientific epistemologies besides scientific naturalism. Science is basically anything that increases knowledge. As Darwinists why are you so intent to protect your theory from someone like myself who just simply wants to live and let live? This indicates that evolutionary theory is rather weak, wouldn’t you say? As to the scientific claims of creationism, you can take a look at soft tissue found in dinosaur bones here: It is very well documented that soft tissue, such as red blood cells, blood vessels, osteocytes, proteins and DNA have been discovered in dinosaur bones, published in a dozen journals in more than 40 papers over a quarter of a century. C14 also found in dinosaur bones. Evolutionists make up ad-hoc explanations referring to bacterial contamination (not true, since antibodies to histone proteins unique to eukaryotes bind to the DNA samples), the soft tissue retain organelle structure, protein sequences are characteristic of eukaryotes not prokaryotes.

There may be reforms needed in academia — one that immediately springs to mind is that research institutions need to be more careful in their hiring practices, because you are just a lawsuit waiting to happen — but, ethically speaking, I think the greater need is for you to reform yourself.

Which brings me to another point. My atheist professor accused me of not disclosing to him or the university about my religious beliefs, meaning that had he known that I was a creationist, he would not have hired me – again not because of my science but because of my religion. This is something that the Nazis did (what you seemingly agree with), and it is illegal to ask people about their religious convictions during a hiring process. I told him that, upon which he fell silent.

Two years ago you contacted our group and asked that a critique of your essay, “The BARE-1 transposon as proof of a young earth creation,” be removed, claiming you had lost your job because of it

I lost my job, possibly because of multiple factors. You know in logic A and B can be true because both A and B are both true. It’s ridiculous that you don’t even have a grasp of logic but just want to be so nit-picky.


You should be ashamed of yourself for distorting facts.


Matthew Cserhati