Debate with Chris Clements from Lincoln Atheists


Atheists claim that there is overwhelming, undeniable evidence for biological evolution. Atheists base their whole worldview on the idea that matter progressively organized itself from microbes to man by random chance. From this they infer that God does not exist, and rest assured in their beliefs. Lincoln Atheists also uphold belief in evolution.

But is there really that much evidence for evolution? How rational is atheists’ belief in evolution and a denial of God? Does the evidence really support atheism?

Therefore, I, Dr. Matthew Cserhati of Omaha Apologetics hereby challenge Christopher Clements (who lost the 2016 Lincoln Atheists board elections by a landslide) of Lincoln Atheists to a four-round written debate on the topic of “Creation versus Evolution”. Since Mr. Clements is not a scientist, I will allow him to take the help of another atheist who is a member of Lincoln Atheists with whom he may discuss a response to my questions.

In each of the four rounds, one of the four questions will be discussed. The questions, the answer and the rebuttal will be posted on The question will be made known at the beginning of each round to Mr. Clements and his associate, who will then have one week to respond. I, Dr. Cserhati will also have one week to rebut Mr. Clement’s and his associate’s response. If either side is ready with the response within one week, the response/rebuttal may be posted earlier.

The following rules will be strictly observed during the debate:

  • Absolutely no kind of any profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, mocking, insults or denigrating behavior will be tolerated. I reserve the right to edit out any aggressive, obscene comments from the response if deemed necessary.
  • No discussion of the question is permitted with third parties. Responses may be researched only on the Internet.
  • No reference to scientific authorities is allowed. In other words, a scientific inference can only be established by referring to scientific facts and not the authority of any scientist or other person.
  • If citing evidence, either a link to the source or a short citation must be provided. No copying of sources is allowed, the response and the rebuttal must be in the author’(s) own words.

To keep the debate short and concise but also to for good content, each side may formulate their arguments in two pages. In each response 1-2 diagrams may also be allowed.

Dr. Matthew Cserhati
December 6, 2017


Mr. Clements has declined to debate me despite advantageous conditions to him. It seems that proof for creation is so so overwhelming that atheists do not want to get into a debate about this issue.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. (Psalms 14:1)
Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise (Proverbs 17:28)

Dr. Matthew Cserhati
December 9, 2017


Mr. Clements has blocked my comments on his Youtube page.

Matthew Cserhati
December 15, 2017


No-one from Lincoln Atheists has stepped forward to debate me.

Matthew Cserhati
January 7, 2018

March 9, 2018 …

September 13, 2018…