Public pulse letter to Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 25, 2016

Nebraska for Cruz

I would like to call Nebraska Republicans’ attention to the nomination going on this time of year. It is imperative that we nominate a man who was proven conservative merits. Donald Trump is insulting, profane, and definitely not Christian, he had multiple wives. His previous support of Democratic candidates, eminent domain and abortion are certainly not Christian. If Trump cannot stand up to Megyn Kelly in an interview, then how can he stand up to the Democratic machine in Washington and ISIS terrorists?

Trump talks the talk, but Ted Cruz walks the walk. Ted Cruz has provably defended home the schooling movement against international interests, supports our military, and has fought for religious freedom, and has been behind legislation to support the Second Amendment (Cruz has memorized the entire Constitution). He will definitely bring change to America. Cruz can bring back order abused so much by the Obama administration. Now, more than ever it is a time for truth. Vote Cruz, Nebraska!

Thanks, Dr. Matthew Cserhati