Why not to vote Democrat this November

Dr. Matthew Cserhati



My name is Dr. Matthew Cserhati, and I am a bioinformatics programmer in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a PhD in biology and a BSc in computer science. I have language certificates in six languages, and more than 20 publications. My parents and grandparents are from Hungary, and I myself lived in that country for 18 years after the fall of Communism.

This tract is intended for voters who most likely will vote Democrat this November.

In an MSNBC interview on January 5, Hillary Clinton dodged a question on what the differences are between a Democrat and a Socialist. Hillary Clinton also wants to greatly expand the welfare state by following the Cloward-Piven strategy. Big government never accomplished anything. For example, in 1950, 30% of Americans were considered poor. By 1968 when the Grand Society welfare plans of President Lyndon Johnson started kicking in, the poverty rate had fallen to 13%. Yet in 1980, 12 years after these failed welfare policies, the poverty rate was still at 13%. The Founding Fathers considered welfare to be unconstitutional, because they thought that it would make people lazy and unproductive.

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is dead wrong on taxes and wealth redistribution. It is very interesting to note that prior to 1913, Americans did not pay income tax, yet we were able to build hospitals, schools, roads and infrastructure. America is the one single nation in the whole world which pays the most taxes, yet we have one of the worst (liberal) education systems, and lots of government waste. The educational system is so poor here in America, that I did my education in Hungary. Bernie Sanders himself paid half the taxes than the average citizen, despite being in the top 5% of earners.

Liberal/progressive/Socialist economics is fundamentally flawed. We simply cannot raise people’s taxes without end. The government is simply not wise enough to micromanage all 320 million Americans, and to make wide reaching general decisions in our place. Liberalism wants to solve all of society’s problems, which is wishful thinking, because they cannot show us how they will get the money to do so. Charity cannot be forced, it must come naturally. Obamacare is already a colossal failure, causing businesses to shrink because they’re not able to cover health care costs for workers. Wealth is not constant, but continuously generated. Everybody is endowed with God-given talents; we must diligently make use of them. Money is not the cause of all evil, but rather the love of it.

For comparison, let us analyze an Eastern European country, which was Communist for forty years, and had already gone through Socialist economics. In Hungary after the fall of Communism in 1990 the state paid for every college student’s first degree. The Socialist party offered even more: besides spiking taxes and increasing prices as was their policy, the Socialists also offered to pay people a 13th and 14th monthly pay. Socialist policies were so inept that by 2010, after eight years of Socialism, the treasury of Hungary was even more broke than at the end of the Communist era. Hungary was able to buy modern trains and metro cars only by 2008, 18 years after the fall of Communism. The Marxist “Freedom statue” still adorns the top of Gellért Hill in Budapest, because the state was too poor to have a bulldozer uproot it. Finishing a stretch of highway from Budapest to the city of Szeged in the southeast makes major news headlines. All across the country there are old buildings, moldy, cracking and in disrepair. In the neighboring country of Romania in some rural areas there are no toilets, some people still travel by horse and cart.

The ideology of Communism, emanating from the evil Soviet empire is responsible for more than 100 million dead over 70 years. It has failed in every single country that it has been tried in: the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, North Korea, China, Cuba, and South America.


Don’t trust in big government micromanaging your life. You know how to spend your own money better than big government. What the government gives you, it can also take away. Citizens need guns to protect themselves lest a tyranny ever come to oppress its own citizens as it did during Communism when citizens had no guns. Study hard, work hard, don’t watch television, and remember that you are responsible for your own life. Heed the warnings of the past: say no to Clinton and Sanders and don’t vote Democrat in the election this November.



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Public pulse letter to Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 25, 2016

Nebraska for Cruz

I would like to call Nebraska Republicans’ attention to the nomination going on this time of year. It is imperative that we nominate a man who was proven conservative merits. Donald Trump is insulting, profane, and definitely not Christian, he had multiple wives. His previous support of Democratic candidates, eminent domain and abortion are certainly not Christian. If Trump cannot stand up to Megyn Kelly in an interview, then how can he stand up to the Democratic machine in Washington and ISIS terrorists?

Trump talks the talk, but Ted Cruz walks the walk. Ted Cruz has provably defended home the schooling movement against international interests, supports our military, and has fought for religious freedom, and has been behind legislation to support the Second Amendment (Cruz has memorized the entire Constitution). He will definitely bring change to America. Cruz can bring back order abused so much by the Obama administration. Now, more than ever it is a time for truth. Vote Cruz, Nebraska!

Thanks, Dr. Matthew Cserhati