Democratic socialism is NOT the way to go!

Recently the Democratic party has just taken a more extreme step leftwards by espousing democratic socialism, a brand of politics espoused by certain Western European countries, such as France and Germany. Many young people are also calling for a Marxist revolution in this country, for a full-scale socialization of American society.

As a dual citizen who has lived in a former Communist country for eighteen years, and who knows about the devastation and destruction that Communism has caused in the nation of Hungary, I cannot idly stand by and watch as these young people actively promote a destructive and failed ideology. One thing is that these young people do not have a life history of their own to look back on. Another thing is that they have never ever lived in a socialist country themselves, so therefore they are oblivious to the destruction that they want to unleash upon their own country. It would be wise of them to stop and listen to someone who has had some experience in living under real socialism.

My name is Dr. Matthew Cserhati. I am 39 years old, and spent 18 years of my life in Hungary, from 1993 to 2011.

Let me characterize what Hungary was like after the fall of Communism in 1990. The buildings were old and dilapidated. The paint on the inside and the outside of some of the buildings were falling off. I remember attending a church service one time, and the paint started falling off of the walls on the inside of the church as though it was snow. It was a bit embarrassing. Elevators were decades old and some of them were pretty creaky. Half of the populace didn’t have a car, so people either had to take the tram or bus or commute by train. The tram could get really bumpy at times; sometimes people got rid of their kidney stones by riding these trams, they were so bumpy. During Communism they made poor quality Trabants, according to one anecdote one such car hit a post at low speed and fell apart. Train cars were covered in graffiti and grime. Some of the seats were ripped up so that the stuffing came out. Sometimes the heating didn’t work, which was a pain in the winter. Sometimes the doors were jammed open. The bathrooms in these train cars reeked from urine. Sometimes there was no soap or flowing water to wash your hands with. Hungary wasn’t even able to afford construction of its own subway cars. They had to be imported from the Soviet Union, with Cyrillic letters on them. Highway and metro infrastructure were sparser than in well-to-do Western countries. Comparing a highway map of Germany to that of Hungary shows that German cities were much, much better connected than the four (incomplete) highways connecting Budapest to four other major cities. Compared to other Eastern European countries Hungary was one of the mot well-to-do countries, but still lagged behind Western European countries, such as Austria by several decades. Highway infrastructure was even worse in Romania. In some Romanian villages houses didn’t even have toilets, you had to go to the outhouse in the back to do your business. In Communism the philosophy was to do away with private property and make everything common. In theory this may sound nice. However, this led to a large number of thefts at the workplace. People reasoned that, if everything belongs to everybody, then obviously I can take anything, since it also belongs to me. This is in reality a form of tyranny where the government puts to use your hard-earned money that you yourself earned. According to Abraham Lincoln, the man who grew the corn ought also to eat the corn.

After Communism, Hungary had a Socialist government for 12 years, from 1994 to 1998, and from 2002 to 2010. What happened during this time is that while it is true that the Socialists raised wages, people had to take the double whammy of higher taxes and also higher prices. To use a Hungarian figure of speech, what you gain at the port, you loose at the customs. Double-time. Not many commodities were available in the country. Many elderly people were even starting to starve, at times they didn’t even have enough money to purchase their daily bread. Health care was abysmal. Even though it was covered by insurance, there were months long waiting lines for even standard treatments. In order to get a more complicated procedure done, you had to go either to Bratislava or Vienna (a Western, non-Communist country) to get it done. Hungarian science and technology was also lagging in development. Hungary wasn’t able to do any leading science, but was relegated to “follow-up” science. For example, Hungary wasn’t even able to implement Next Generation Sequencing for a decade after this technology was first used in Western, capitalist countries. Socialism was so disastrous that by 2010, the Hungarian treasury had less money in it than at the end of Communism. Hungary went from having a leading Eastern European economy to one of the worst economies after eight years. Germany, a leading nation in the European Union was constantly upset with Hungary for constantly having to bail us out. This led to the landslide parliamentary election where the Civic party (FIDESZ) and the Christian Democrats won a landslide victory and a two-thirds majority in the Parliament.

Socialism is not the answer.

Vote Republican.

Vote Trump in 2020 and make America great again.

A reminder that atheism does not work

A reminder that atheism does not work


Greetings, American Atheists,

My name is Dr. Matthew Cserhati, of San Antonio, Texas. Please accept my gift to you of pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s book, “Tortured for Christ”. This book is a testimony by a man who spent 14 years in the Communist prison system in Romania. He writes about the horrors of the Communist system, about how the Communists opposed and oppressed anyone who stood against their totalitarian-based system.  In the Romanian Communist system common criminals (i.e. thieves) were treated harshly. Even more harshly treated were the fascists and other extremists of the previous regime. But those prisoners were treated the most harshly who were clergymen who belonged to a church or denomination. The tortures inflicted upon Richard Wurmbrand included such things such as being kicked in the face, having his throat slit from end to end, having his open mouth urinated into, being forced to sign a paper admitting that he was homosexual, and being kept in the dark for days on end.

Such things were done to prisoners in Hungary where my parents are from, and where I spent 18 years of my life.

Communism is appalling. It should never set foot in this country, and should be eradicated just like Nazism.

Communism was an atheistic religion.

The atheist religion is futile, since it does away with any possibility of attaining any absolute knowledge, in an attempt to be independent of God. Atheism is a religion, since its mantra states that nature is everything. If consistent, all atheists would have to throw up their hands and declare that all they know is that they know nothing. Atheists cannot be dogmatic that there are no dogmas. This is where consistent doubt leads to. Only belief in God allows one to be sure that one has any knowledge of any truth. This is because if God created everything, then God knows everything, and can impart this knowledge to His creatures.

Many evidences from nature disprove atheism, and proves what the Bible says. Science did not begin with Darwin, but rather, the modern scientific method was developed by theistic scientists. Matter simply cannot and did not cause itself. The fact that engineers create machines which are simpler versions of structures found in nature heavily implies that organisms themselves were designed and created. The fossil record consistently shows that there are large gaps in between different clades (i.e. vertebrates and invertebrates). There are literaly thousands of living fossils, which through their non-change disprove evolution. Red blood cells and organic materials on dinosaur bones (such as non-bacterial histone proteins) show that dinosaur fossils are young. Organisms are so complex, so as to necessitate multiple complex mutations to bring about a single, simple morphological structure. The mind, the emotions, the intellect could not have evolved from unconscious entities. Conserved genetic elements abound and are everywhere. The probability that the minimal organism with 1000 genes evolved is around 10-162500 (the sheer minimality of this probability shows that evolution could not have happened). A Science paper, albeit 21 years ago showed that mitochondrial Eve was a mere 6,500 years old. Human chromosome 2 did not evolve from chimpanzee chromosome 2a and 2b, and the difference between human and chimpanzee DNA is only 80% due to missing stretches of the genome between the two species. The very idea of human evolution has led to racism, Nazism, and the Holocaust (besides Communism as previously mentioned) based on the theory of multiregional evolution of erectines to modern humans in different parts of the world. Life appeared on earth very suddenly during the supposed Cambrian explosion, along with all known families of protein sequences. The widespread presence of monophyletic groups in nature support the Biblical concept of created kinds (see Genesis 1:14).


Evolution thus does not have the answers. It is basically an argument based on rebellion against God’s Word. As we have also seen, it has produced some of the worst fruits ever seen in history. The only solution is to repent and acknowledge God as Creator, and Judge Who sent His Son into this world to die for our sin born from our rebellion against Him. There is no such thing as independent truth, since all truth is God’s truth. Believe in Christ Who gave Himself for your sins. Repent and be reconciled with God.


And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. (Acts 17:30-31)


Thank you,



Matthew Cserhati

Response to senator Chambers speech in Nebraska Capitol Building, December 2015

Senator Chambers,

On December 20, 2015, you gave a 25 minute speech at the beginning of the Reason this Season display in the Nebraska Capitol Building. This speech was so filled with mischaracterization and lies against Christians that someone must give a proper response to it, especially since you claim to be knowledgeable of the religion that you attacked and the over one billion people you maligned who claim to be Christian. It is profound and remarkable that you hardly said anything in support of reason and rationalism, but rather attacked the Christian religion and Christians in general during your speech. It appears that you really are not an atheist or a freethinker, but rather an anti-Christian. It seems then, that atheism offers so little that it is almost entirely exhausted by criticizing theistic religions.

Christians cannot and will not keep their religion within the confines of their own homes. To force them to do so would be the same as making them deny their faith. The state cannot define a person’s faith for him. Proselytization should be allowed, since it is a part of a person’s religion. Christians aren’t forcing others to accept their beliefs. In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, verses 52-56 we read about how Jesus rebukes His disciples for asking Him to destroy a village of unbelieving people who rejected their message.

I suggest that in similar public appearances you dress more formally. Even the poor in Victorian England strived to be respectable, and cleanly, and made an effort to have at least one set of nice clothes that they could wear to more formal gatherings.

You also managed to get basic facts wrong, and should have known better, since you claimed to have researched the things he was talking about. You claim that that the “white-oriented” people just looked on as Jesus Christ suffered on His way to Golgotha, while He was carrying His cross. Jesus was crucified by the Pharisees because He claimed to be the Son of God, not because of His skin color. Jesus was also a rabbi just like the Pharisees. You even got basic anthropology wrong, because you should know that people in the Middle East aren’t exactly of white complexion. It is also highly questionable as to where you got the idea that Simon of Cyrene, the man who helped Jesus carry His cross was black.

It is all the more surprising that you, an African American would support evolutionary theory and claim that men came from monkeys. This is because historically according to evolutionary theories, the earliest forms of humans come from Africa (the out of Africa theory), meaning that other races would be more developed compared to black people. For example, because of evolutionary ideas about the origin of man, Ota Benga, a man from Congo was put on exhibit in the Bronx zoo as a specimen of early human evolution. I don’t think you would ever savor such an idea.

Many scientific facts contradict human evolution. For example, there are simply not enough hominid remains to bear out the idea that humans were evolving for millions of years. The fossil Lucy has been shown to be a chimpanzee. Modern humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans have also been shown to have interbred, with a large portion of their genomes in common (humans having received 5% of their genome from Denisova). Fossils exist which show both human and Neanderthal characteristics. In fact, the skull capacity of Neanderthal is larger than that of modern human.

You also ridiculed the theologians from the Middle Ages because they argued about how many angels could fit onto the head of a pin. If you would have done your homework properly, you would have known that this was only a mock-question for practicing how to debate, sort of like having schoolchildren learn the multiplication table so that they can use it later in life during their careers as adults.

However, one of your most heinous statements that you said during your speech was that Christian “preachers are the biggest liars”, and that “Christians are notorious liars”. What would Americans think if a white male politician said that African Americans, or women, or Muslims were notorious liars? They’d be branded as racist pigs and their careers would be damaged beyond repair. Psychological analysis shows that every person makes untruthful comments at least a couple dozen times a day. Therefore you cannot just single out Christians calling them liars en masse.

Your attack on the Christian Trinity is also a straw man. Christianity states that there is one God (James 2:19). But at the same time, God is three persons and one substance. You could have easily read about this in any number of theology books, or in the Nicene or Athanasian Creed. Jesus commands His disciples to baptize people in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). One name, three persons, one Trinity. God is infinite, and as such, we cannot even attempt to grasp God, as finite creatures. Your error in attacking the Trinity is that you anthropomorphizes God, Who is not human. Jesus Christ was fully man and fully God, that is why He as a man was separated from the Father, when He cried out as to why the Father had forsaken Him. Since He was also fully God, that is why death had no power over Him when He died, but since He committed His spirit to the Father of life, that is where He went right after His death.

As an atheist, you deny the existence of God whom you have not seen with your own eyes, despite the very fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, one with the Father walked on this earth among men, which is all the proof that atheists demand for the existence of God. On the same note we can deny the existence of atoms since we have not [nor even cannot] seen them with our own eyes.

You also decry God justly punishing sinful people for rebelling against Him, killing babies, yet you are pro-abortion, and uphold the wholesale murder of millions of unborn babies. This is just sheer hypocrisy at its worst. If you believe that God does not exist, then ultimately there are no values, no morals, no laws, no absolute truth, and death is just a neutral factor in the grand scheme of life.

You also brought up an example of a political science assistant at Wheaton College, a Christian university. He was suspended for supposedly showing solidarity with oppressed Muslims, and that he claimed that Allah, the god of Islam was the same as the God of the Bible. You should know very well, that if somebody wishes to work at a Christian institution, he is very likely obligated to ascribe to a statement of faith. Only Roman Catholics are allowed to work within the Vatican, for example. This is only common sense and completely acceptable. If you do not believe the same thing that others do in the same church that you go to, then you are perfectly free to go elsewhere where people believe the same thing that you do? You should not attempt to define the religion of the people at Wheaton College for them. We must separate the state from the church!

It is a shame that you gave such a speech in a public place such as the Nebraska State Capitol Building, and therefore you owe a public apology to all Christians that you smeared as being liars.

I do hope that you will consider these things.


Dr. Matthew Cserhati

Brief history of the sins of atheistic Communism in Hungary (1949-1989)

On the occasion of debating LB 975 in the Nebraska State Legislature, I would like to briefly enlighten you about the history of atheist-style Communism in Eastern Europe between 1949 and 1989. My parents fled the Communist system that was established by force in a sham election a few years after World War II in Hungary. The Communist system had already ravaged the Soviet Union with a great famine in the Ukraine, claiming the lives of 5 million people. This was due to a failed five year plan where the Communists thought that they would be able to dictate to the laws of nature. This Communist system was established in a bloody revolution in 1917, by Lenin, a man who never worked in his life but expected masses of factory workers to work instead.

The Communist system is responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in the time span of about a single century. That is about one third of the population of the United States. Many of the victims were Chinese under Mao Tse-Tung, where they are still finding graves and remains of people who were killed during the bloody era of Communism. Even today the population of North Korea is suffering under Kim Jong-un, where in some places the population of this country are forced to eat leaves. There are hardly any cars on the streets. If you look at North Korea on a night map you can see the boundary between it and South Korea since there are no lights in North Korea at night. They perform operations using infusion fluid in beer bottles in this country.

During Communism in Hungary people could easily be exported for speaking out against the Communist government. A group of 40 Reformed Christian pastors were whisked off to Siberia just because they wrote a letter to Joseph Stalin telling him to repent from his murders. Living conditions, of course in the Gulag Archipelago were downright unbearable. One out of only every three workers in Hungary was an administrator, the efficiency of the Communist system was simply that low. People lived like slaves in that system. They mass murdered hundreds of people at Kossuth Square on October 23, 1956. Many people were detained and executed after the Revolution sadly failed. This is what my own parents fled from. People were hanged up until 1985. The Communists tortured people like how they did in the Inquisition. They forced rods of glass up the penises of men and broke them. They also made people stand in rooms full of water and when they came out, they peeled their skins off like a glove. They also forced people to stand upright for days on end in a very tight small room with spikes on the wall and a light shining in their eyes so they couldn’t sleep.

Communism is responsible for the massive deterioration that happened in Eastern Europe for 40 years. In Romania for example they still were going around in horse driven carts in the middle of the 1990’s. 20 years ago half of all Hungarians didn’t even have a car, even today all over the country there are dilapidated, crumbling buildings that they weren’t able to renovate after 1990, the fall of Communism. My grandfather knew 12 Finno-Ugric languages, he was a professor of linguistics. He gave presentations in Ann Arbor during Communism. When he went back the Communist secret service harassed him so much it helped him towards an early death.


These are the sins of Communism which have not yet been resolved, not even today.


Atheists declare that simple molecules such as amino acids are forms of early life. Yet they fail to recognize that a fetus is a living human being with full rights and therefore deserves to be protected. Yet a Holocaust of 50 million innocent children, including many black babies has occurred ever since Roe vs Wade in 1973. This is more than 10 times the number of soldiers who died during America’s wars. This means that it is 10 times more dangerous to be in the womb than out on the battlefield.


I do hope you get the time to read the free book I sent you by Richard Wurmbrand, Tortured for Christ. He suffered for 14 years in Communist prisons in Romania. Among other things they slit his throat, starved him, and almost killed him several times juts because he believed in Jesus Christ.


“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5


Dr. Matthew Cserhati