Refuting Dave Armstrong on the Inquisition

I just so happened to be arguing against Dave Armstrong on the patheos website under the debate topic, “Were “50-68 Million” People Killed in the Inquisition?” (

I added my own comment to the debate: “The Khmer Rouge killed at least 21% of its own people, perhaps even more, perhaps as much as 37% (3 million people). 1/4th of St Petersburg’s population was also arrested one time. 10000 Huguenots were killed in one month in 1572 during St Bartholomew’s day massacre. Multiply this out to 10000 people per year for 600 years and you get 6 million people. Highly plausible. Europe was not the only scene where atrocities occurred. There was the Peruvian inquisition, for example.”

This comment obviously raised Armstrong’s ire as he responded: “You’re not dealing with my arguments at all. Please do so. The purpose of my comboxes is interaction with MY article, not a platform for preaching of a different viewpoint. If you express dissent, you must DEFEND it and try to overthrow my argument.”

Obviously, the topic of the debate was whether 50-68 million people were really killed during the Inquisition. Armstrong seemingly thinks that it was impossible to have killed so many people, since it would be akin to killing a third of the population of Europe, like what happened during the Black Plague.

Armstrong accuses me of being off topic, although I was bringing up indirect evidence that such large-scale massacres are possible, citing the 1.7-3 million people killed by the Communist Khmer Rouge. Even my indirect arguments were seemingly too powerful for him, that the next thing I know, wanting to add another comment to the debate, I get blocked on his forum.

Just the sample fact that 10,000 Huguenots were killed all over France starting in Paris in 1572 during St. Bartholomew’s Massacre completely refutes Armstrong’s flimsy arguments.

Roman Catholic apologetics is so weak that it has to block all opposing views from making any kinds of comments. Clearly Roman Catholic apologeticists like Armstrong are afraid of the light of truth, and shamefully attempt to hide the fact that millions of people were killed during his church’s Inquisition of Christians. One Scott W. also shamefacedly upholds the Inquisition in this forum: “Again, like my WWII analogy, the canonical procedure of inquisitions can be defended without necessarily defending every act that occurred during them. Also, it helps to be specific. Some believe that the millions of deaths due to the Black Death were actually from the Inquisition. Clearly nonsense.” This is akin to upholding the procedures of the Final Solution during the Holocaust by the Nazis. Jesus warned us: “They will put you out of the synagogues. Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.”

They also removed my post regarding the Ustashi holocaust:

I also just so happened to have read Armstrong’s 150 reasons why he is Roman Catholic. About half of his arguments entail why he is not a Protestant. So much for the horrible example he is setting us. Armstrong should be blocked from his own forum.

Anyway, here are the refutations of all of Armstrong’s 150 reasons why he is Roman Catholic, from my book “Refuting Rome”. You, dear reader get, to read this chapter of my book free, without any charge. There’s no way Armstrong will be able to censor me here!

Happy reading!

Matthew Cserhati