A reminder that atheism does not work

A reminder that atheism does not work


Greetings, American Atheists,

My name is Dr. Matthew Cserhati, of San Antonio, Texas. Please accept my gift to you of pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s book, “Tortured for Christ”. This book is a testimony by a man who spent 14 years in the Communist prison system in Romania. He writes about the horrors of the Communist system, about how the Communists opposed and oppressed anyone who stood against their totalitarian-based system.  In the Romanian Communist system common criminals (i.e. thieves) were treated harshly. Even more harshly treated were the fascists and other extremists of the previous regime. But those prisoners were treated the most harshly who were clergymen who belonged to a church or denomination. The tortures inflicted upon Richard Wurmbrand included such things such as being kicked in the face, having his throat slit from end to end, having his open mouth urinated into, being forced to sign a paper admitting that he was homosexual, and being kept in the dark for days on end.

Such things were done to prisoners in Hungary where my parents are from, and where I spent 18 years of my life.

Communism is appalling. It should never set foot in this country, and should be eradicated just like Nazism.

Communism was an atheistic religion.

The atheist religion is futile, since it does away with any possibility of attaining any absolute knowledge, in an attempt to be independent of God. Atheism is a religion, since its mantra states that nature is everything. If consistent, all atheists would have to throw up their hands and declare that all they know is that they know nothing. Atheists cannot be dogmatic that there are no dogmas. This is where consistent doubt leads to. Only belief in God allows one to be sure that one has any knowledge of any truth. This is because if God created everything, then God knows everything, and can impart this knowledge to His creatures.

Many evidences from nature disprove atheism, and proves what the Bible says. Science did not begin with Darwin, but rather, the modern scientific method was developed by theistic scientists. Matter simply cannot and did not cause itself. The fact that engineers create machines which are simpler versions of structures found in nature heavily implies that organisms themselves were designed and created. The fossil record consistently shows that there are large gaps in between different clades (i.e. vertebrates and invertebrates). There are literaly thousands of living fossils, which through their non-change disprove evolution. Red blood cells and organic materials on dinosaur bones (such as non-bacterial histone proteins) show that dinosaur fossils are young. Organisms are so complex, so as to necessitate multiple complex mutations to bring about a single, simple morphological structure. The mind, the emotions, the intellect could not have evolved from unconscious entities. Conserved genetic elements abound and are everywhere. The probability that the minimal organism with 1000 genes evolved is around 10-162500 (the sheer minimality of this probability shows that evolution could not have happened). A Science paper, albeit 21 years ago showed that mitochondrial Eve was a mere 6,500 years old. Human chromosome 2 did not evolve from chimpanzee chromosome 2a and 2b, and the difference between human and chimpanzee DNA is only 80% due to missing stretches of the genome between the two species. The very idea of human evolution has led to racism, Nazism, and the Holocaust (besides Communism as previously mentioned) based on the theory of multiregional evolution of erectines to modern humans in different parts of the world. Life appeared on earth very suddenly during the supposed Cambrian explosion, along with all known families of protein sequences. The widespread presence of monophyletic groups in nature support the Biblical concept of created kinds (see Genesis 1:14).


Evolution thus does not have the answers. It is basically an argument based on rebellion against God’s Word. As we have also seen, it has produced some of the worst fruits ever seen in history. The only solution is to repent and acknowledge God as Creator, and Judge Who sent His Son into this world to die for our sin born from our rebellion against Him. There is no such thing as independent truth, since all truth is God’s truth. Believe in Christ Who gave Himself for your sins. Repent and be reconciled with God.


And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. (Acts 17:30-31)


Thank you,



Matthew Cserhati